Home Stock Market These money and investing tips can help you thrive and survive in this unpredictable market

These money and investing tips can help you thrive and survive in this unpredictable market

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These money and investing tips can help you thrive and survive in this unpredictable market

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The end (of the stock market correction) may be near

The latest from the Market Timing Popularity Cycle Read More

If you’re worried about a ‘black swan’ event sinking stocks deeper, here’s how to manage the risk

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is pounding stock markets but it is not a rare black swan. Read More

Even after a volatile February for stocks and with markets on edge, investors aren’t yet bearish enough to spark a new rally

The U.S. stock market’s downturn isn’t likely to reverse until more market timers throw in the towel. Read More

Bitcoin, ethereum — here’s how crypto prices changed in February

Crypto’s recent rally comes after several down months for the digital assets Read More

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is bitcoin’s first big test to topple gold as a safe haven

One of these alternative investments has been the better hedge. Read More

Gold prices have been surging, but the rally is on shaky ground

There’s excessive bullishness, suggesting the rally could fizzle. Read More

As Russia presses its war with Ukraine, here are 10 aerospace and defense stocks expected to rise up to 39%

A screen of U.S. and European stocks produces a list of favored companies as NATO countries gear up to increase defense spending. Read More

Billionaire Ray Dalio has two looming concerns about Ukraine that should worry every investor

Will the Russia-Ukraine war draw in NATO, and how will China respond? Read More

Haul away these 10 bargains in beaten-down quality stocks before it’s too late

A market dislocation has created values in Home Depot, Starbucks and Nike, among others. Read More

These 10 dividend-paying stocks show why cash isn’t trash in this brutal market

Smart investors know that cash dividends will cushion stock-market volatility. Read More

Energy disruptions are now inevitable and most likely imminent — here are all the ways that could happen

Pick your poison but the end result of the fighting in Ukraine is the same: Russian oil and natural gas will fall offline. This is what it means for the U.S. and Europe. Read More

These two energy companies are shoveling cash to investors and their stock prices are cheap

Underinvestment in oil exploration and production means not only that prices are soaring, but also that companies are free to pay high dividends. Read More

This new competitor to the ARK Innovation ETF focuses on disruptive companies but aims to reduce volatility

The Harbor Disruptive Innovation ETF takes a broad approach to stock selection. Read More

The most advised generations — boomers and Generation X — are retiring. They demand more and different advice for this life stage.

This is a transformative opportunity for the retirement planning and wealth management industry. Read More

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