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The best time to list your home for sale is just around the corner and how the shift to working-from-home is affecting property values

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This is why millennials are going crazy for RVs, and these students thought they were paying for their education with an innovative alternative to loans — but the true cost was hidden, lawsuit alleges

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Looking to sell in 2022? The best time to list your home is just around the corner

Sellers still have the upper hand in today’s real-estate market, but there are some warning signs to watch out for. Read More

‘Women were hard hit, and women of color were hit even harder’: On Equal Pay Day, how the pandemic impacted the gender wage gap

Some experts say the situation for women has actually worsened two years into COVID-19. Read More

The shift to work-at-home is so pronounced that New York properties near rail stations now trade at a discount

In New York City, a study finds, there was a discount rather than premium associated with properties near rail stations. Read More

‘My husband said he’s afraid I’ll divorce him if he adds my name to the deed — after 29 years of marriage’: How do I convince him to put me on the deed to our home?

‘I have been by his side through several medical issues and two bouts of extended unemployment.’ Read More

Polestar’s O2 concept: A gorgeous drop-top EV built for the love of driving

Can an electric car be something beautiful, exhilarating to drive, and a little impractical? Polestar is banking on it. Read More

New technology that’s making travel easier and safer

Jump the long lines, skip the front-desk check-in, pick the room you want or book an hourly rental car—new apps are streamlining the travel experience. Read More

Here’s what you should know about COVID relief and taxes for your small business

There’s plenty of confusion for businesses owners when it comes to COVID relief funding, since some states have been inconsistent with the tax treatment. Read More

Ford’s electric Mustang Mach-E is hot, and it’s becoming scarce

Ford’s first mass-market electric vehicle is the first EV to mount a serious challenge to Tesla’s dominance, and for now, some trims have sold out. Read More

King of crowns: Wisconsin dentist convicted of breaking patients’ teeth to submit $4.2 million in bogus insurance claims

Dr. Scott Charmoli was charged with selling patients unnecessary crown procedures and then cracking their teeth with a drill to justify insurance claims. Read More

Time is money: Drivers will only go so far out of their way to find cheaper gas

A gallon of gas was $4.32 according to Monday averages from AAA. Read More

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