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TGV4 Plus leads investment round in decentralized mobility marketplace Iomob

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TGV4 Plus leads investment round in decentralized mobility marketplace Iomob

True Global Ventures 4 Plus (TGV4 Plus), a venture capital firm focused on technology, announced today it has led the latest investment round in Iomob, which is building a decentralized protocol for the creation of the Internet of Mobility, an interoperable Mobility Marketplace Network

With the new investment. Iomob will expand its engineering and commercial team, as it seeks to execute its progressive mobility decentralization and tokenization plans during 2022.

Iomob was incorporated in 2018 by three Ph.D. co-founders based in Barcelona, Spain. Since its incorporation, Iomob has deployed trials with major enterprise customers in New Zealand, Spain, and Scandinavia and is now deploying commercially in the UK, US, and Portugal providing millions of travelers with access to multimodal shared mobility, with many more deployments to be announced later this year.

“Since first being introduced to the Iomob team I have been extremely impressed with their agility and efficiency in terms of adapting their business model and approach to this fast-changing marketplace. These skills will be paramount as they drive Iomob forward.”
– Sergey Dashkov, Founding Partner of True Global Ventures

The plan is for Iomob to decentralize and tokenize their mobility platform later this year, with the financial support coming from TGV and other co-investors from this round including a100x, an impact-focused blockchain fund from the US and Creas Impacto. Additional funding also came from Global Blockchain Ventures, NetX, Techstars, and B4Motion all of whom are investing in Web 3.0, mobility.

“The TGV fund thesis aligns perfectly with our team and ambition, and we are looking forward to leveraging their vast partner network and ecosystem. Being a member of the TGV portfolio and community will help support our global commercial growth plans and further develop our goal of being the leading decentralized mobility platform,” stated
– Boyd Cohen, CEO & Co-founder of Iomob

Not only is the marketplace one of the biggest, but Iomob has developed an intercity and intermodal journey planner allowing for the integration of transport from railways, cars, bikes, scooters, etc. Iomob’s platform provides seamless transportation integration with an array of sustainable mobility offerings.

Now the fast-growing Iomob platform “Journey Planner” taps into 7000 taxi fleets, micro-mobility in more than 270 cities, thousands of parking spaces and 480+ public transit feeds. Integration of new providers can be completed in a matter of days.

Through an app powered by the Iomob platform, citizens can tap into all the mobility options available in their region, nudging them towards more shared and sustainable transport modes.

Iomob’s open approach means that any organization can expand its mobility offering, be it hotels, rail operators, government entities, or corporates. For the first time, any organization can optimize a customer’s journey by making intermodal mobility more accessible.

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