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SPY Daily: Your Simple Jump On The Week – Raging Bull

by callingemout
SPY Daily: Your Simple Jump On The Week - Raging Bull

Everything you want to know about the week ahead is in today’s edition of SPY Daily.

Because this is YOUR weekly jump on the week.

I hear you; most people don’t like Mondays.

But as for me?

I love ‘em.

Mondays are a new day to take advantage of new opportunities with Market Navigator trades of the day…

And that’s the only trade you want.

9 am ET: Brand new Market Navigator trade of the day alerts head your way.

This is a call or put option trade on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), the world’s top economical vehicle.

Yep, you read that right – SPY is the best of the best.

What’s better is I’m buying SPY calls and buying SPY puts…

Meaning there’s ZERO overcomplicating anything.

Simple is the goal.

Simple is what you want.

And simple is great if it works!

I mean, the other day, I alerted a trade of the day…

What I saw was an opportunity to pad the piggy bank.

So, I told members my plan…

And gift-wrapped the Market Navigator trade of the day alert…

…and here’s how it worked:

You’re reading that right.

This trade of the day ran from $3 → $6 in one day.

Making money is too much fun with a high-conviction strategy in place.

In my case, that strategy is Market Navigator trades of the day.

Because I like to win more than I lose.And that I do – there’s no such thing as a perfect track record (when you’re learning from a real money trader).

I cut losses quickly and let winners run.

You think there’s any better way?

You tell me (feel free to drop a comment below).

In the meantime, I’ll fill you in on today’s economic calendar

…which is low-impact.

What’s moving markets right now is the war in Europe.

As much as I’d prefer peace over war, traders need to take accountability for reality.

The most basic place to start is with a chart.

That’s why we’ll proceed to today’s chart of the day

SPY Weekly Chart

SPY is holding 420.07 support; last week’s closing price.

To the upside, I’m targeting 433. This would mean SPY rallies and reclaims recent levels.

To the downside, I’m watching 415.12, last week’s low. This would mean SPY fades as sellers step in.

Up or down, it doesn’t matter.

Trades of the day are tradable both ways. All I want is one move in one direction.

I hope you enjoy how simple that is.

Simple is what you want – you know that to be true.

Trading can be complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be!

What you want is the right real money educator to hold your hand…

And that person is me.

See you on the inside.

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