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How 4DOT is making DeFi Accessible to Crypto Investors

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How 4DOT is making DeFi Accessible to Crypto Investors

While the exponential growth of decentralized finance is evident from the increased awareness and utility, the industry still remains complex to navigate for new users. However, with the growing progress and growth, a new concept of decentralized finance has evolved as DeFi 3.0. DeFi 3.0 is a modular approach to decentralized finance in harmony with Web 3.0 with an aim to improve user participation using simplification.

DeFi 3.0 is an initiative taken by several projects to promote a community-centric approach where the investors and traders benefit the most. With the right approach and deployment, DeFi 3.0 has the potential to blossom into one of the most progressive aspects of the crypto industry. Moreover, DeFi 3.0 is solving several pain points of DeFi 2.0 that investors and users faced in various instances.

The Drawbacks of DeFi 2.0

While DeFi 2.0 paved the way for the innovative DeFi 3.0, it witnessed several instances where the investors were scammed out of billions of dollars. One of the biggest cases that came to light was with Wonderland. The top executive of Wonderland, Michael Patryn proposed the DeFi protocol that offers yields of 83,000% which unfortunately did not fall through

Wonderland investors were promised unbelievable APYs by showcasing a treasury balance of $675 Million. However, the TIME token price plummeted significantly from the high of $10,000 to a low of $335 in November last year. This price downfall caused the investors to lose significant investments.

Luckily, DeFi 3.0 is solving these pain points of the previous gen DeFi and projects like 4dot using its products such as Cross-Chain Farming and D3 Protocol.

4DOT – DeFi 3.0 Made Easy

4DOT is a decentralized finance ecosystem that offers innovative and easily accessible DeFi 3.0 solutions. The project has designed a set of DeFi 3.0 products that empower the ecosystem and its vision of bringing awareness to the masses. 4DOT has designed a buy, hold, earn model where anyone can participate despite their experience level.

The buy, hold, earn model is paired with a dynamic treasury via taxes and generates profit across different chains. Moreover, all 4DOT product smart contracts are fully audited, and the liquidity is locked prior to launch until 2024. 4DOT ensures that any protocol deployed on the ecosystem is audited and secured using fundamental and on-chain analysis. 4DOT ecosystem consists of these four products:

Cross Chain Farming ($CCF)

$CCF is a DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service protocol that helps users to receive reflections and dividends via a protocol-managed yield farming treasury.

D3 Protocol

D3 Protocol is a DeFi 3.0 index, where users can stake and earn from an auto-investing, auto-compounding treasury of yield-bearing DeFi 3.0 assets. The stakers of the protocols will receive reflections and $BUSD dividends.

Moreover, 4DOT will be launching a DeFi 3.0 Launchpad (4DOT Launchpad) and a DeFi 3.0 low-risk yield farming strategy (Hera Capital) soon to expand its suite of products.

Apart from these robust DeFi 3.0 products, 4dot will also introduce a liquidity lock, a Hashex Audit, excellent farming profits and a transparent team. 4DOT is a complete DeFi 3.0 ecosystem with robust products and an innovative approach, which will help the project disrupt the decentralized finance industry.




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