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eBay to Add Crypto Payments, NFT Scams Galore, Bull Run Back On? – Raging Bull

by callingemout
eBay to Add Crypto Payments, NFT Scams Galore, Bull Run Back On? - Raging Bull

There’s always something new on the blockchain, with crypto being viewed more seriously each passing week, it’s important to stay ahead of the game! 

We’ve gone from nothing more than a scam from when I first started to eBay seriously considering crypto payments, this market ain’t stopping.

With the latest explosion in BTC price action, it’s easy to fear missing out, but fear not! This market isn’t going “to the moon” overnight, but it sure as hell ain’t slowing down either. So keep reading below to….

When the first truly applicable form of E-cash (BTC) came out on January 3rd 2009, no one took it seriously. Those that did, probably never have to work a day in their life again…

We’ve gone from being viewed as nothing more than a scam used by criminals online, to eBay working on accepting payments in crypto. How’s that for a development? Honestly, it just makes sense for a purely online shopping platform to start accepting crypto payments, a purely online form of currency. They’re just too compatible and efficient not to! It will be interesting to see what types of payments are accepted…

Of course, eBay will accept BTC…But what if they throw curveball assets in there like Litecoin, BitcoinCash, or even a stable coin like USDC? Without a doubt, this would have huge impacts on the short-term price action of any crypto used for payments on eBay, excluding a stable coin of course.

eBay has a market cap of 31.7 billion dollars. That’s a lot of business.

Another important aspect of Ebay’s business model? Shipping and Handling.

Once major shipping companies like Fed-EX, who are currently developing their own blockchain-backed supply chain, are fully interoperable with other blockchain networks. It’s game over for traditional supply chain and global e-commerce business.

They will either get with it or get left behind.

💥NFT SCAMS, Why I Never Believe Marketing in This Space💥

Honestly, I see it every day…Someone gets into a new project, the community hypes itself up, the marketing pushes the most bullish content, the user base believes the marketing, and it all falls apart. Rapidly.

The latest and greatest marketing scam in the NFT space is Pixlemon, an NFT open-world play-to-earn project of high hopes and poor delivery. The marketing team behind this NFT project over-promised, as marketing for these projects often do, almost like they would want as much money as possible regardless of the community satisfaction. Duh.

Let’s take a look at what the marketing team pushed compared to the actual results…

What was expected, an open-world minecraft-esque play to earn (p2e) game….

What was delivered, this guy..

The moral of the story is don’t believe the hype

When I’m in a new crypto project or NFT community, often, in my opinion, it’s best to just take profits and get out. The marketing and developers are there, often with good intentions, but usually leave all those positive intentions aside for a $70 million payout. As it looks like Pixlemon has…

🚀Big Green Candles…17% Movements in one Day for BTC🚀

Monday night we saw huge movements in BTC to close out the monthly candle. As soon as the February monthly candle closed, the March monthly candle zoomed. Putting us close to 45k BTC.

The last time we saw such a strong start to the new month was in October 2021, the same thing happened. The September monthly candle closed, followed by an immediate rise in price action, closing out the month of October at 61k for BTC. The monthly candle opens are usually strong indicators of the times ahead.

Is the BTC bullrun about to start up again? In the short term it may seem like it, but let’s wait to see how high these things go. 

I’ll be a lot more comfortable once we cross the key resistance levels we’ve talked about at 52K.

🔥Cryptos I’m Watching Out For 🚀

There will be a lot to cover in the month of March, I can feel it in my bones! With all the uncertainty though it’s always good to stay well informed and do your own research. Here are a few pieces I’m paying attention to in the crypto market.

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